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While fish is a healthy choice for dinner, cooking it can be less than pleasant. Almost any method of cooking fish can lead to unpleasant odors that tend to linger in the kitchen. Getting rid of those fishy odors after cooking does not have to be difficult, however. Sometimes, just leaving a bowl of baking soda on the counter is enough to do the trick.

Odors of fish and other pungent food linger because the molecules that have wafted into the air are still circulating, triggering the scent. As long as these molecules are still floating around, the smell will linger. Adding lemon juice to the fish prior to cooking will help reduce the fishy smell, but won’t wipe it out completely.

Putting out a bowl of baking soda may help to reduce this phenomenon and cause the kitchen to smell fresh once again. Left out overnight, the bowl of baking soda can absorb the most unpleasant cooking odors. Baking soda is able to absorb these smells due to a relatively large surface area when spread out in a bowl. This means that the acids that cause the odor are neutralized when they encounter the alkaline baking soda. This makes it a great way to kill certain odors such as fish.

Another way to rid the kitchen of a fish smell is by using a strong ventilation system over the stove, turning on fans, or airing out well by opening windows. Be sure to clean thoroughly after cooking and wash all pots and pans completely to rid the kitchen of excess odors.

If grease or any other substance has splattered on a countertop from the stove, be sure to clean it with a strong degreaser to further prevent bad smells. If grease has dripped on the bottom of the oven, clean the area thoroughly to rid the kitchen of odors.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the fish odor, it may be nice to replace it with another delicious scent. We recommend lighting a candle scented with natural essential oils.

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