Family's favorite water park- Cultus Lake Waterpark.

Cultus Lake Water Park is located in 4150 Columbia Valley Hwy, Fraser Valley E, BC V2R 5H6.

Our Review:

We love this water park! We highly recommended this water park to everyone. My family and I love this place. It has lots of fun things to do and a great place for the entire family. Sometimes in a year when we are going for a weekend camping trip during the summer, my family always loves to go here, but this park is always crowded though, the parking lot is limited if you come in the afternoon. There is only one slide we never tried, the highest and skinniest slide they have, (Picture above) beside that one thing everything's good.

Our Pictures during our visit in June 2015 summer after school.😂

This slide is great! I think it's called snakes slide.

As I recall, if you go after school kids were discounted or maybe was the family, not sure. Visit the Cultus Lake website first before you go ahead as you may hit the early promotion they have.

Family's favorite water park- Cultus Lake Waterpark.

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