Hello there, I received this email from guidepost.com. Oh my, how I love so much their inspirational guides, quotes, about God, and etc. They have so many great articles to read to help me get up in this crazy imperfect life.  Hope you like it.
Share Your Heart.
Spread God's Love.
Remember Someone Special.
Don’t you just love getting a card in the mail? And isn’t it even better to know that you sent a card that made someone’s day better? When you are taking part in “card ministry” you know how important the right card can be.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have exactly the right card on-hand for every occasion? No going to the store and searching the shelves to find the right card just isn’t there. No more missing out on an occasion because you didn’t have the right a card to send at the right time.
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Someone Cares gives thousands of people the perfect way to say everything from "Happy Birthday" and "Congratulations" to "I'm here for you," "Joining you in prayer," and "I just want to say I love you." Those that share Someone Cares Greeting Cards often refer to their participation in “card ministry,” which is exactly what it sounds like; ministering to your friends and family by way of cards and encouragement.

Won’t you join them and ensure you have just the right card on hand by joining the Someone Cares Greeting Card program today?

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  • 21 inspiring prayer magnets to keep or share with others

Preview them for 30 days risk-free - you may cancel your membership at any time. Even if you don't wish to purchase the cards, please keep the magnets as a gift from Guideposts.

Someone Cares Greeting Cards are the ideal way to celebrate special people, special days and special events with a unique greeting card. You'll love the convenience of having just the right card on hand, and feel good knowing they will be treasured long after the envelope has been opened. Plus, you’ll have a piece of mind knowing you’re saving over 50% off the price of store-bought cards!

So guys aren't it wonderful and goods ideas to do? Anyway,w I voluntary posted this, as I have been wanted to do as a Gods ministry but as I am a busy parent of 3 kids, can't do neighbors to neighbors hopefully, by posting this sharing it here on the internet it will help, either it for inspirational and sharing purposes only. So thank you all for reading.

Love. Life. Laugh. Enjoy life.