To the man, I love, to the father of my three wonderful children, "Happy Father's Day" To you and thank you for everything! Thank you for the sacrifice, thank you for the support and thank you for being a good inspiration to our children.

And a Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world.

Here are some inspirational links that you may want to check out. I received this email from my subscription at YouVersion. It's a Christian inspirational website and I have been using this website to guide me of my bible study. I am glad to be able to share this with you.

Thank God for Dad's.
Think about the father figures who’ve made a positive impact on
your life. Maybe they’ve shared wisdom, encouraged you, protected you, shown up when you needed it, or provided timely guidance.

This Father’s Day, show those men they matter by sharing an encouraging word from Scripture: like a Father’s Day Verse Image from your Bible App ( download it from the play store for android if you don't have one). It only takes a moment to let a dad know you care.

For Dads:
If you’re looking for godly insight on how to lead the people who matter most to you, we’ve put together a list of Plans to help you. Any of these Plans can help you see more of God’s Father heart and connect with your family in a special way.

The following list Below of Plans for a father like you.
  1. Radical Wisdom: A 7-Day Journey For Fathers
  2. Radical Mentoring, 7 Days
  3. Man Of God
  4. Charles F. Stanley, 8 Days
  5. Wisdom For Fathers
  6. Boyd Bailey, 5 days
  7. Play The Man
  8. Mark Batterson, 7 Days
  9. Becoming The Father God Wants You To Be
  10. Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, 5 Days
  11. Into The Breach – Christian Fatherhood
  12. American Bible Society, 7 Days
  13. Wild Life
  14. Life.Church, 12 Days
  15. God’s Advice For Husbands
  16. Moments Of Hope, 7 Days

* Not affiliated with all the links above. I just wanna share this for inspiration purposes only, thnx.