Homeschooling During Summer Break! Well, I don't know how my husband and I came up with this idea but

I guess we are just so worried that our kids get into phone and tablet all the time, but instead of facing on the screen during their summer break from school, we decided to let them study for at least 2 hours.

And which I think not bad at all. We made an agreement when they'll study and behave well they'll get screen time for at least 45minutes max.

My goodness, parenting is not easy. It needs to be done in the process of being too patient, lol. 😂 Doesn't wanna do it though but they had to.

This is our every morning routine, just like school days, but the wake-up time is 8 in the morning, kids get ready for the day, eat breakfast then study.

Home Schooling During Summer Break.

Just too proud of these three. 💖 We bought the books from and highly recommended to anyone.

Here's what we bought, you may be interested too.

For my G-K For my G-4 For my G-6 & Advance 😐
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