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When you're world falls apart.
When Your World Falls Apart Whatever situation you’re facing, let Jesus write it on your heart: I am with you always. by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry

“I am gonna have my daddy for about three more months.” The text from my friend Sheila entered my heart, weighing it down like lead as I absorbed its meaning.

Her father had undergone many tests while we waited for answers, and now the outcome was exactly what we feared: the worst. How do you respond to something like that?
Every word I thought to write back seemed hollow. Instead, my impulse was to go, wrap my arms around my friend, and cry with her. We’d do a lot of that in the coming days. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? In those moments when the abyss of darkness opens up? To whom do you go? Where do you look for comfort, for meaning, for hope? 

Oswald Chambers writes, “Seeing is never believing: we interpret what we see in light of what we believe.” I saw this principle at work in Sheila as she walked through the valley of her father’s death.
She grieved, yes. But rather than giving in to despair, she chose to interpret her father’s passing in light of her faith. Jesus was with her to the end of the age. Nothing–not even the death of her loved one–could separate her from His love. And she would see her father again in heaven.

Faith step: Whatever situation you’re facing, Jesus is there. Let Him write it on your heart: I am with you always, even though (Fill in the Blank).

My Story

When my father died years ago, I was 17 back then, the story above reminds me of how painful it was, how painful to see him lying in his coffin knowing that he will never wake up and we'll never see him again in this world.:-(
Not just me whos world fells apart but also the people he left behind, families, friends and loved ones. It was so hard to accept that he is gone, even right now while writing this, I couldn't help my tears dropping down.
Yes, we grieved, yes it's so hurt to lose someone you love especially a "father or even a mother" who's been with you all through those years since you were born in this world.
What do you do when your world falls apart? In those moments when the abyss of darkness opens up? To whom do you go? Where do you look for comfort, for meaning, for hope? 
What do you do when your world falls apart? In those moments when the abyss of darkness opens up? 
Before my father's death, we were all residing in Manila, my mom, dad, me, sister, and bro with his family. On February 20, 2003, it was my sister's 18th birthday, we had a small birthday celebration for her, we had a family and friends gathered together.
At that time, I will never forget how my father's action was. He talked to me and my sis, telling us "good luck on your life ahead" as we will probably never see each other again. 

My father was working as a gravedigger in the private cemetery in Bulacan 2 to 3 hours bus ride from the rest of us and when I heard what he said, I was like huh, and told him "Tay, (father) why are you saying such words like that?" then he cried. 

So I've changed the topics by giving him a come up plan. The plan was, we are all going home to Cotabato part in Mindanao which his parents and siblings reside. And yeah, we were all agreed, excited about that of course, our plan was to save up 1 year, then we're going home.
But then, on March 20, 2003, in the morning, my older sister received a phone call from my father's co-worker telling her the news about our father is dead. My sister and I were working at the same building so she intercom me right away after she received the phone call, but telling me the other way of story to avoid so much emotion as I have a weak heart.

What she told me was that our father got an accident and is currently in the hospital. So I've asked, how was his condition, and she said "in good condition", pweeww the thorn and worries I felt were gone a little when I heard the "in good condition", well at least not until after 6 hours on the same day. 

When I'm finally done of my work, it was 3 pm in the afternoon on the same day, I asked my employer permission to have two days off as my father had an accident, thankfully she granted my requests.

On the same day, about 4:30 pm, I got ready, I packed the things I needed to bring. Then, went down to the 6th floor of the building to meet my sister where she was working. 
So I went inside and seen all of her co-workers were all crying, so I asked them, " Hey, what's wrong? Why are you all crying?" As in, I have no idea what's going on or what really happened. And they answered me like I have known nothing. So, I was just starting crying thinking my sister hiding me something. 

And I finally saw my sister in the room, crying and so I asked her what's wrong, what is really is going on ( I can't find myself that day but cried ), so she finally told me what happened, that our poor father is already dead, and I asked, "in the hospital"? She answered; "no". 

When my father's co-workers  brought him in to the Bulacan hospital, they had no money to pay the admissions, so they refused to admit my father's in the emergency room, so they beg to one of the nurses there to take a look at him even just outside of the emergency room and the nurse told them that the patient heart has stopped, not breathing anymore and the pulse also has stopped. So, that's how they knew that my father is already dead. No payment first, no doctor. That was just the story we heard from my father's co-workers. So we don't really know until now if my father is really dead already when they brought him to the hospital nor what time he died at the hospital when they refuse to admit him in the emergency room.
Yes, how sad, how very very sad, so unfair, right? Now, can you imagine that day if you were us at that time? Can you imagine how we've felt the time we heard the story about the Santa Rita Bulacan Hospital how they refused my father is because we had no money to pay the admissions first? Can you imagine how hurt it was?
It was so painful, it was so hurt losing a father, a husband, a grandpa! That time, our world was falling apart! Why? Why do they have to ask the money first before saving someone's life?. :-( "Why this happened to my father? Oh God, please hear our suffering right now. Please help us to get through the pain and the situation." That prayer, I prayed during at that time of crisis my family had. God was my comforter and I turned to him for help with everything.
If the family of the article written above of my story, I'm happy for them as they had 3months and chances to spend with the dad. I, nor my family didn't even have a chance to see my father and spend time with him that long.

For meaning, for hope? 
For the meaning of life during suffering. When he was still alive, I know he suffered so much of sadness, because his family is far away from each other and, we only have a little chance to see each other like let say, 1 day sometimes in a month.
But we had to be strong, but I guess my father had enough already, so he took the long road of the Rest In Peace. My hope, there's a song that I love to listen to all the time, it's called "there will be a day" by Jeremy. I love it because I know and I believe with all my heart that there will be a new day, a new hope, a new place and there will be no more suffering in this world and we have to see Jesus Christ face to face and reunited our beloved one forever, we will meet again my beloved father.

Faith step: Whatever situation you’re facing, Jesus is there. Let Him write it on your heart: I am with you always,
 even unto the end of the world.