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Meditating Garden Buddha Statue
inished with aged details for an rustic touch, this statue features Buddha in meditation.

Medicine Buddha Statue, Gold Finish, 5.5 Inches
 This statue of the Medicine Buddha invokes the Buddha qualities of healing and wisdom.

As an enlightened being, Buddha explained that his teachings (dharma) were a medicine that could alleviate suffering. In Tibetan Buddhism, a statue of the Buddha with a bowl of elixirs refers to his healing presence.

Calming Buddha Statue, 5 Inches
This, Buddha is seated with his right hand on the ground in a gesture known as the earth-touching position.

Standing for determination, it is a gesture-based on the story of the Buddha enlightenment.

Artistic Mosaic Buddha Statue, Brass

This peaceful statue depicts Buddha gesturing with the Abhaya mudra, a sacred gesture of protection which translates to "No fear."

Brass Shakyamuni Buddha Statue with Colorful Detailing
 Bring peaceful essence to your surroundings with this handmade brass Buddha statue.
Depicts Buddha seated in the earth touching pose with the left hand in his lap.

Majestic Praying Happy Buddha Statue
Happy Buddha, also known as Budai or Hotei, greets you warmly with a wide smile and merry countenance.

Meditating Buddha Statue on Lotus, Stone Finish, 11.5 Inches
Whether positioned on an altar or placed in a communal space, a Buddha statue is an elegant way to inspire peace and serenity for your home.

Originally known as Siddhartha Gautama, the name Buddha translates to "awakened one."

Gold Colored Buddha Statue, 10 Inches
Buddha with his hands positioned in the Abhaya mudra, a gesture of protection that serves to dispel fear.

Detailed Hand Carved Wood Bodhi Tree Buddha Statue
Hand carved from a single piece of wood, this statue depicts one of the most cherished stories about the Buddha.

As a young man, Buddha vowed to meditate until he found the answers to life. He took shelter under the branches of a Bodhi tree and it was there, after many days and nights, that he achieved enlightenment.

Meditating Buddha Relief, Colorful Wall Hanging
This calming yet colorful relief of Buddha will bring instant inspiration and relaxation.
Meditating, Buddha's hands are positioned in the Vitarka mudra, a gesture symbolic of wisdom.

Medicine Buddha Statue, 12 Inches
When Buddha is shown with a bowl of healing herbs and holding a myrobalan plant, he is regarded as Medicine Buddha.

The Medicine Buddha represents Buddha's ability to heal all suffering, and his image alone is said to emanate therapeutic energy.

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