Green Smoothie Diet

Post Update: 2020-03-12: Okay, got my ingredients already, and I'm just preparing for the right moment to do the challenges as it's hard to avoid that yummy food. LoL! If you want to do it with me so we can encourage each other, that would be perfect. πŸ˜‚ Just let me know.
A Green Smoothie Meals Replacement For Weight Loss Diet
Oh wow, nice. I went through all of my old photos and this is what I found, A Green Smoothie With Ginger For Weight Loss Diet I did a couple of years ago.
This old smoothie I experimented with was my diet recipe replacement meal for lunch and dinner and oh trust me it worked but it's really hard to stick up with if you have a strong mind and attitude to do it, I'm pretty sure you can do it, just stick to it and don't cheat on your meals. And if ever you can't go on, here's the link you might want to check out.πŸ‘‡

I didn't continue this before as I was breastfeeding back then and this was 4 years ago. Wow, it took me that long to remember and do this diet again, eh? Since spring is almost here and the garden of mine will be operating again, I am going to plant some parsley as this is one of my favorite ingredients to this smoothie. I love this recipe and I am going to do it again since my youngest is older now. I will be doing 10 days of challenges with this diet, I don't have parsley in my garden yet, I'm going to buy some at the supermarket enough for 10 days for me to do the challenge, parsley is easy to take care of, just put it in the jar with water and it'll grow some roots, it'll life and stay fresh.

Okay, so here's what the ingredients are;

  1. 5 Stokes of parsley"Parsley is rich in nutrients, and as it is also low in calories and high in fiber, it is a nutritious addition to a weight-loss diet."
  2. 5 slices cucumbers: "Cucumber loaded with only 45 calories, cucumbers are great for a flat stomach."
  3. 3 Slices Gingers: "Ginger also accelerates metabolism and is, therefore, a good fat burner."
  4.  1 Lemon: "Lemon juice may act as an appetite suppressant, in addition to containing a high amount of vitamin C."
  5.  2-3 cups of water: Fill in the blender and to able to mix everything.
( Using NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor, Blender & Mixer System Available at

Also, check out this for in the morning drink. Drink this in an empty stomach before your coffee and breakfast. Ginger And Parsley Tea.

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