From iHerb- 5 Healthy Habits for Working from Home
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The Coronavirus pandemic has catapulted our daily routines into uncharted territory. Disasters tend to produce a tremendous amount of anxiety and create different stressors for everyone. When people are stressed, information is processed differently from when we are relaxed and feeling in control. Our minds and bodies will respond differently, with emotions ranging from shock and disbelief to fear, anger, guilt, and even numbness. 

Our minds can be affected by just imagining loved ones risking their lives by leaving their homes, and we may experience confusion, frustration, difficulty making decisions, and nightmares. This may lead to poor sleep, feelings of fatigue, excessive eating, and lack of motivation. 

It is natural to experience these ranges of emotions and physical reactions. But, with many uncertainties looming overhead and many things out of our control, working from home can feel more stressful than ever. Although working from home does have its perks, if not structured appropriately, it can lead to a feeling of lack of purpose or motivation. Also, the tremendous amount of stress we feel can distract us from our routines and regular eating habits. 

Below are some wellness tips that can aid in building good habits while working from home. 

1. Establish a Routine Although social distancing can change our day-to-day, sticking with familiar routines when possible can help us feel more like ourselves. Two studies on routines and the meaning of life have shown that habits enhance a sense of having a purposeful behavior. Researchers found that meaning in life does not have to be associated with extra... Read more --->
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