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The Who Is Famous For His Five Weapons

Panchayudha Jataka – Five Kinds of Weapons
Panchayudha Jataka – Five Kinds of Weapons

from: Buddha Groove

The Bodhisattva was once born as a son to King Brahmadatta. At his naming ceremony, the king’s priests prophesied that the prince would become a good and noble ruler, famous for his five weapons. At sixteen, Prince Panchayudha (Five Weapons) left home for Taxila to further his education. On completing his studies, his teacher presented him with four weapons – bow and arrows, a sword, a sharp, pointed wheel, and a club. While returning home, the prince was accosted by a fearsome, sticky-feathered ogre who assumed a variety of horrific shapes to threaten the prince. Panchayudha battled him with the four weapons and his own limbs and head. Alas, to no avail; Read More

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