3 days of Devotional- Christmas is the promise fulfilled

Christmas: The Promise Fulfilled

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God is The Promise Keeper and the birth of Christ is the fulfillment of promises as foretold through prophecies of the Old Testament. This devotion aims to encourage us in our faith as we study some of God's promises which are a glimpse into the events related to the arrival of Jesus which we celebrate during Christmas.
Christmas: The Promise Fulfilled • Devotional

Fulfilled Prophecy 

A promise was made long ago, revealed through the prophets, and dating back to the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden. 

A Savior would be born. He’d be born to repair the damage that mankind inflicted on himself because of the sin that entered into the world through Adam and Eve. He’d be born to be the only way of salvation!

Let's join me these 3 days of devotional about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's birth.

Christmas: The Promise Fulfilled

Christmas: The Promise Fulfilled • Devotional 

Take care and God bless, 
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