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Our Front Yard Little Garden with Some Fruits and Veggies 2019

Yay! Very, very soon I can plow my garden to plant 🍃 some organic vegetables again, that's the awesomeness to plant your own vegetables you can feed your family organic foods from your own garden and also to able to save $$$.

And here are the vegetables that I planted last year, not much though. And a little tour in our front yard. Doesn't have that much in it but blueberries and apple tree. We have a cherry tree though but will be sharing that in the next post about Gardening soon or maybe that would be the next year 2021.😁

So here are my carrots.


This is the beginning as it is empty, clearly, you can see in that picture.

My son watering the garden, he likes to do that all the time.

 The tomatoes, and beans. And the rest of the yard.
The garden

The little garden

Blueberry plants
My husband builds this raised bed for Blueberry plants to surround our driveway. He is a diehard fan of Blueberries.
  Raised-bed Blueberry plants


I tried to but I was late for doing so it died before it produces.
Long beans. ( Batong )

Apples and Apple Tree.

Enjoy your day, 
❤️ Lea.

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