Hey, y'all fellas! How are you today? It was sunny this afternoon and of course, didn't want to waste this opportunity to spend some of our time outdoors as it has been raining here day after day. The winter season sure feels depressing to me as nightfall comes early and morning looks like 5.

So When The Sunshine Peek On Us Today! 😊

Stoney Creek and Bateman Dog Off-leash park.
And here we are, went for a hike at Stoney Creek Trail and Bateman Dog Off-leash park, the first-day outdoor adventure in the forest with the family of the year 2021.

We do come here for quite some time now just not oftentimes as at the Clearbrook Trail, here also has one small community playground, perfect to play for a little bit. 😁

Life is not perfect

Live now and remember this moment tomorrow comes

Live the life you want to

Not the best picture but the monents thats what matters

Not the best picture but the monents thats what matters

Life is wonderful to be with your loved one.

Make life good the way you want it

When the sunshine peeks a little bit into the beautiful earth and the children just want to play.😻

Posted by Yangsire - Blog/Vlog on Monday, January 11, 2021

Enjoy your day, 
❤️ Lea.