Happy Monday! Holiday Is Over. Back to School + Verse Of the day!

It's Monday... the first day of back to school for my mid-school and Elementary kiddos! Happy Monday Fellas and Happy New Year!!! How's everyone New Year? It's raining here today, and It's been raining here for weeks now. There was only one day of snow in December.

The raindrops its sounds music in my hears.
View from inside! It's raining our dog is peacefully watching the raindrops.

And here I am, I just had 2 cups of coffee, I've done the dishes, laundry is going as I blogging and won't be completed my day without listening to my favorites love songs music.

2020 sure was a tough one of the year for most of us due to the pandemic, hopefully, may this year 2021 will be nice to us and ease our year even just a little. But despite all of that and it's New Year, let's start afresh with and brand new mindset with positive attitudes and sustain our souls with God's Words. As today's Scriptures says in Matthew 4:4 
Verse of the day- Matthew 4:4
We shouldn't live by bread alone but by the words of God.
God's love is all in us. Keep on to your faith! 
Your heavenly Father wants you to know today that you are chosen. Ephesians 1 describes God’s great love for you. It says that before the foundation of the world, it pleased God to adopt you as His very own child.- Pastor Victoria Osteen

Have a blessed joyful day, 
❤️ Lea.

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