Preschool Field Trip Pumpkin Patch at Maan Farm.

#Throwback memories 2018: 

My son's preschool field trip in a pumpkin patch at Maan Farm!

Pumpkin Patch Preschool Filed Trip #throwback memories 2018 at maan farm.
It was an amazing experience field trip for preschoolers on this day for sure! This field trip was not just to explore the pumpkin patch and picked a pumpkin but also to explored the whole area of the farm. In able to explore the whole farm, we had to ride in a tractor-trailer, rode through the corn maze, and then saw some farm animals. So priceless to see his facial reactions were just so amazed at everything that he saw!
5 years old mind to see some real live animals not just on T.V anymore. If only there is no COVID, would like to bring my kids again to the ZOO now that he is more mature to know what's in his surrounding and what's going on! Hopefully this summer!

How lovely and blessed I am to experience this motherhood. I am so grateful for this and to my loving husband!
Can't choose one he? It's beacues there were too many pumpkin's to choose from.

Can't choose one, eh? It's because there were too many pumpkins to choose from.😁

Why is this one is orange and not white?

He was putting his small orange pumpkins with these white colors because he was just amazed about it.

My son, you are like a sun, the center of my solar system.

Hope you have a gloriously wonderful day and you might one to go through to your old photos album and have some #throwback time, as always enjoy the rest of your time.
❤️ Lea.

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