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First time in my life ever to eat an Egyptian food and met an Egyptian lady.

Believe me or not, this is my first time eating Egyptian food and meeting an Egyptian lady. As we all know, Egyptian people have existed in the Holy Bible, It's so delighted to met one for the first time in my life. Wish I could meet jews people as well without going to the Holy land.


I am here right now as writing this post at my daughter's hockey practice and I've been here since 10:15 am, and stay here till 12:45 in the afternoon when my daughter's hockey is done.

So anyway, waiting for 2hrs of my daughter here that I have no coffee with me, I was thinking of getting one at seven eleven but have to go to the washroom first before going to the store. After then this Solo Cafe caught my eyes as it just 10 meters away from me to walk in, so just decided to go into this store instead. Didn't know somehow this Solo cafe is owned by Egyptians, just 😮. 

Solo Café an Egyptians owned

Lol! That's how happy I was to be able to meet one of the people race from the Holy Bible, though Jewish didn't get along with them when Moses lead his people out of Egypt, I am not jews, I'm Pinay, hehe 🤷‍♀️. So anyway, I've got my coffee, ordered my Egyptian 🍲 soup 
I love it
So yummy! Wow! The spices are good for my nose to smell while eating this soup. I don't have to order this but man I just love to try a portion of Egyptian food. You know, one of my dream someday that I could visit Egypt and Israel, one day and it's God's almighty well in Jesus name, thy will be done. :).
And I talked to the owner and asked her if she is Egyptian as I noticed all of their menus has Egyptians in them. So yeah that's how I met an Egyptian lady which is so very nice and the good thing is she is a Catholic Christian I guess the cafe has a mother Merry holding Jesus' picture and the display of a statue of Joseph, Merry, and baby Jesus.

I've given 5 stars rating of this place and recommend it to anyone. So here where you can find this Solo Cafe, located in Townline Road, Abbotsford B.C by the Summit Centre Arena.

Located in Townline Road, Abbotsford B.C by the Summit Centre Arena

Enjoy your day, 
❤️ Lea.

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