Hey there! How are you today? My family and I are okay, coping with the era of a pandemic. Wish to hear from you as well, just comment on the comments section below of this post.

Anyway, as I am supporting Guidepost Christian nonprofit organization, I just want to share with you this email that I've received that you might be interested in these items. It's called "someone cares" cards. 
Stay in touch during these difficult times by sending beautiful messages of hope and inspiration.

Someone cares greeting cards by shopguideposts.org.

Discover the joy and convenience of Someone Care cards. Without a trip to the store, you can send heartfelt messages to friends and loved ones and let them know how much you care. Each beautifully designed card has a special message inside, a Scripture quote, and uplifting devotion on the back.

From touching “Thinking of You” or “Praying For You” cards to birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations Someone Cares has the perfect card for every occasion.

With this special introductory package,
you’ll get 12 beautiful cards and matching envelopes along with 3 Free Gifts!
That comes to 0.91 cents per card!

A little about Guideposts,
At Guideposts, we are here for you. As a nonprofit, we are here to inspire and energize you, here to pray with you, and here to reassure and comfort you. Your support helps us bring a message of hope for today and faith for the future to more than 10 million people each year.

Enjoy your day, 
❤️ Lea.