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Cloudy but it was a nice day for a walk.

It's been a while! How's everyone? Cloudy today but it was nice to have some exercise with my 🐕 dog. It's been a while I didn't go for a walk with our best friend and finally, this morning after I drop off my eldest daughter at her track and field sport, our best friend and I went for a little walk from Abbotsford Exhibition Park to Clearbrook dogs off-leash park. 😁We're both happy!!!
A tree with a dog. 😅

Cherry tree blossoms

Loving the peacefulness.


I love this.

At the clearbrook dogs park

Picture with best friend, oh well.

Nature picture

While waiting for teeka


Teeka and I

Clearbrook Dogs Off Leash Park

A tree with white flowers

Cherry Tree Blossoms

Cherry tree blossomed

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