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Front yard garden and plants TOUR. πŸ˜ƒ

Hey, y'all lovely people! Earlier today, I weeded our front yard and done planting my flower seeds for early summer bloom, and as the weather is looking good today, I will be planting my vegetable seeds maybe when the ☀️ sun goes down a little. 😁 Anyways! I wanna share with y'all our Front Yard Plants and my small Garden.


Front yard plants and trees first: πŸ₯°
Front yard ideas design
Here's what our front yard garden looks like in summer. I was thinking to plant some beets in that small area that has no plants. I have grown sweet corn here last year and I kinda let the corn went too far of the harvest time, will I've learned my lesson on that one. I am going to plant sweet corn seed in this area again as well.

Apple and Cherry Trees.
Fruit in the front yard
Our apple tree has 4 different varieties.

Fruit in the front yard
Cherry tree. Sweet!

Blueberry Plants:
Raised bed blueberry plants ideas
Raised bed Blueberry plants and my small vegetable garden area. 

Blueberry plant in the pot
And this our 11 years old blueberry plant, bought this way back in the year 2009.

Raised bed blueberry plants ideas
Another blueberry-raised bed plants, from the other side of the driveway.

Blueberry to plant in front yard idea
Another blueberry plant right by the cherry tree. πŸ˜… Guess who loves blueberries in this family? lol!
Other plants that I don't know the names of. πŸ˜…
Tree with beautiful flowers when its blooms
I love this tree, it's blooming right now, forgot what is this call.

Fruit in front yard ideas
Those are the fruits of this plant, we have three, planted side by side. 

Red roses in front yard
My red roses plant.

Plants idea for front yard
Another plant that blooms in the summer, don't know what is this.

Our crawling plant in the front window, two of them, the other one at the other end.
Our crawling plant in the front window, two of them, the other one at the other end.

Finally, the vegetables Garden.
Small garden
This is my vegetable garden area, small but enough for planting those vegetables we want to have.

Cabbage flowers
Making some seed of cabbage from the last year.

Swiss chard

Onions from kitchen scratch
Spring onions and red onion scratch from the kitchen. 😹

Green and Red swiss chard good for salads and soups

Red swiss chard is good for salad and soups
Red Swiss chard. The same as the green one.

Maybe, not sure. Cayenne pepper seedlings
Cayenne peppers, I think not so sure, as it came up from last year, but I remember planting some cayenne peppers in this area so, maybe— let see.

Green Swiss chard. This just came up from last year. This kind of type is an all-around season except when it comes to frost.

That's all for now folks and hope this post finds helpful to you in your front yard ideas.

πŸ’– Yang, Lee. 

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