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Hey! If you ever wanted or wonder where you can shop at Nursery online? Check out this website Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. About Nature Hills: Nature Hills Nursery is an online garden center that offers an extensive selection of live plants & gardening accessory products. They ship to businesses and homeowners within the 48 contiguous United States. Their most popular products include trees, shrubs, fruit trees, & perennials. The sad part is they don't ship ( WORLDWIDE ) even to Canada, good news though for those who are living in those areas they'll ship to. 

Here are some of my favourite plants they carry...

Mexicola Avocado Trees

An Avocado that Laughs at Winter Temps

Have you seen the price of avocados in the grocery store these days? Wow! Growing your own avocados can be rewarding AND surprisingly cost-effective.

But, avocados are tropical fruit so if you are part of the 80% of Americans who don’t live in a semi-tropical climate, you might be challenged to keep an avocado tree alive during the winter. Nature Hills are now selling the Mexicola Avocado. Mexicola trees are hardy down to 17 degrees, which extends their growing area significantly!

Mexicola trees are high fruit producers. They can be harvested starting in September with the harvest lasting all the way through December in some areas. And talk about a harvest…mature trees will have hundreds of fruit on them through the season!

White Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry

Don Egolf Chinese Redbud
First Editions® Midnight Magic™ Crape Myrtle
First Editions® Midnight Magic™ Crape Myrtle - $0

Deep Purple Leaves and Dark Pink Flowers Deep purple/maroon leaves not diminished by summer heat Unique dark pink blooms Great replacement for purple-leaf plum purple-leaved shrubs are a breath of fresh air in the heat of the summer garden.

Sunburst Cherry Tree

The Sunburst cherry is a cross between the Stella and the Van cherry. It is a large dark-skinned sweet cherry that is very similar to Stella. It resists cracking and is ready for harvest in July about the same time as the Van cherry. The Sunburst cherry was introduced in 1983 from Summerland, British Columbia. It is a self-fruitful tree so it does not require a pollinizer.

For the perfect touch to an exquisite garden, you'll want to consider the beautiful Weeping Cherry (Prunus Pendula 'Plena Rosea'). Blessed with uncommon beauty, grace and style, this delightful tree is a spectacular addition to any landscape. Weeping Cherry is an exquisite accent tree that commands attention all year long. Easy to grow by beginning gardeners to its natural height and width, this grand specimen can also be a wonderful project plant for experienced gardeners.

Little Moses™ Burning Bush
 - The Little Moses™ Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus 'Odom') may seem like an ordinary low lying bush, however, it is anything but. Planting one of these in your garden ensures a spectacular show that you won't want to miss come fall. This deciduous shrub fills out each spring with densely packed light green leaves. It'll stay that attractive throughout the summer, but the real show starts in the fall! As the air turns crisp and your thoughts turn to campfires and smores, this bush turns the most brilliant colour of red. You'll have to see it to believe this little bush can pack so much colour into its leaves!


All Ablaze Climbing Rose

Wow! Climbing Rose Ablaze in Scarlet Colour

Imagine coming home to a trellis of flaming scarlet blooms right next to your front door!  All Ablaze features (just as the name implies), “blazing” colour wherever you plant it.  The ruffled, double blossoms burst forth in spring and continue on throughout the summer months, for a long satisfying bloom period.

Last but not least... Rose-red bush, love it.

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