Break free from envy— Day 2

  • Break Free From Envy A Six-day Reading Plan By Anna Light 

Day 2 of devotional reading plan
Day 2— The History Of Envy

Envy has been around for a long time. Actually, before time. When Lucifer fell from heaven, it was envy that took him down. Seeing his beauty, he was filled with selfish pride, and he wanted more—the highest place, the place of honor and glory reserved only for God. Remember the definition of envy? A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

It could be said that envy drove Adam and Eve to sin in the Garden, prompted by the fallen serpent himself, to believe God was holding out on them. Eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil meant they would be like God. But God said not to eat it…what was He hiding? Why was He holding back? So Adam and Eve took something they thought they deserved. 

Only a few years later, we see Cain struggling with bitter envy of his brother Abel. Abel’s sacrifice was more pleasing to God than his brother’s, and Cain's malice drove him to murder. 
  • Saul’s envy of David drove him to madness. (1 Samuel 18) 
  • Envy sent Jesus to the cross. (Mark 15)
Envy is no small sin with which to contend. Listed among the seven deadly sins, it is not something we should brush over, thinking it is outdated or doesn’t affect us today. So many of the negative emotions you may struggle with are rooted in envy. When I realized this, I could better fight for the freedom I knew was available.

As a writer, it has always been difficult for me to appreciate other writers because I always felt threatened by their greatness, as if somehow their giftedness diminished my own. I couldn’t appreciate or admire someone else’s giftedness. I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar. You see or hear of someone achieving or receiving a desired outcome, and instead of responding in positivity or blessing, your initial reaction is to debunk, back-bite, or accuse. You may want to be happy for them, but your flesh wants to poke holes or criticize the person or situation for leveling them down. 

This is incredibly tempting if the desired outcome is something you want for yourself. When we see others that have something we think we should have, envy keeps us from responding with blessing and celebration and instead delivers a sting of sour bitterness. We may cover it well (or think we hide it well), but it’s still there, causing pain and damage on the inside. 

Envy is one of the most dangerous tactics of the enemy in our day because it’s become such an ingrained part of our thoughts. We may not even realize the damage it has caused us because we don’t want to admit we struggle. Even now, you may be dodging the promptings of the Holy Spirit, trying to convince yourself you don’t work with envy all that much. If we keep it hidden, it will go away, but the more we push down those feelings of jealousy, the more they fester and grow in our spirit and produce fruit like resentment, anger, pride, depression, and anxiety. 

We must come to understand how envy works its way into our spirit so we can safeguard our hearts and find lasting freedom. 

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