The Other Of Me.

The other of me today was out! When I am not anxious about something, I exist! But when it comes to the part of me that is anxious about something, I feel like I'm dead! 
Anxiously not to worry
It is why every morning, in my few minutes of spare time, I make sure that I read the Bible devotional and Verse of the day so that I can reflect that on my day forward! 
Reflecting yourself
Nonetheless,  life is full of circumstances and surprises. Never know what will happen in that right instant of your life. 
Just like this tree fullnof life not to worry about things
Even how conscious and how you plan your day is, you will never know what lies ahead! What I know is that be prepared for everything that will happen.
Take a take breath and think again
And panic is not one of them! Just reflecting on what happened on my day today. If only I am mentally strong enough to handle it, but God knows I am working on it! 
One day God is dwelling in me
And I sure hope I have that spirit to get over it so quickly that I don't have to dwell with it repeatedly and drain my soul to a deeper level of darkness again! 
I am a writer, I writes everything I want
Dont over rethink it; it will come to pass, I know! Slowly pull yourself back up because life must go on. Go ahead, cry it out loud, and after that, it is over, and when you see the sunrise in the morning, imagine that you are like that sunrise of the morning, shining shine on the surface again! Overall, God is always good all the time!

Peace be with you; thank you for stopping by, take care, and God bless! 
Appreciate every day;

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