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yangsire - imperfect blog.

Hi, my name is Lea and I am the owner and creator of yangsire.com and this is my personal blog. I am Filipina, follower of Christ, married, a mother of 3 wonderful children, full-time housewife as of now, I love natures, hiking, coffee, beauty, travel, road trip, and fashion- I love to express myself with my own sense of style. Love taking pictures, and blogging/Vlogging sometimes. 

One of my favorite quotes is;
I'd rather live my life knowing that I'm not perfect than spend my whole life pretending to be."- Will Smith 

About this blog: 
Question: Why I name my blog yangsire - imperfect blog?
If you wonder why? Here's what yangsire is about...
  • Yang: Yang is my name nickname... My family calls me ya, but others call me yang but sometimes lee or lei so I chose "Yang".
  • Sire: Sire is short of "desire or desires". We all have dreams right? We desire to have Jesus in our life, or we desire to know the Father almighty more, so yeah whatever we have desires in our heart, we all desire stuff once in a while in our life... Even though the things that we can not afford, what we can just is that we just desire or dream it. God put desires in our hearts, doesn't he? So now you know already why... 😊
  • Imperfect blog: An imperfect blog, which means is not a perfect blog, I called it that way because unlike others blog are so perfect like - good authors, grammar, etc. However just like I said this is just a "Personal Blog" not a public figure or like others giving you some good advice etc. I am not good at that! So you may not be going to stick around in my blog because frankly, no interesting stuff here, but if there is, yay my blog is finally has something that interesting for my readers, thanks for coming in anyway!
  • Imperfect also drawn to my attention as I am an imperfect person, living in the imperfect world and surrounding by imperfect people, but I'm loved by our Almighty father Jehovah/Yahweh and rescued by his son our King,  Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.
Like as the quote said- we all know's nobody's perfect. I don't need to pretend that I am perfect because I know that I am not. Life alone is not perfect! Life is too short to worry about everything! Life is too short to be sad and lonely and wondering if you've done something good in your life or not. Life is too short to worried about what others think about you. We are not living in this world to empress others.
There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

And anyways, 😁ss you can see, I am not a professional blogger unlike others out there 😁 but in my spare little time, I love wandering around on the internet and that also it's​ inspired me to create this blog because I also love sharing interesting, helpful, and motivations stuff. I love to share all those beautiful pieces all over the net { which are from online stores }. 

I love supporting non-profit organizations, especially the Christian community- And okay let's just say, this is my other Facebook alike account. 😃 to share some thoughts, inspiration, those interesting feelings, and some of the memorable pictures of my family here and in the Philippines like- those unforgettable moment trips, adventure, etc. And also I am an Avon Canada sales representative, I post every new product that Avon has, so if you love Avon products more than I do you can now shop online through my Avon e-store.

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Occasionally, some of my posts, you could see, some of them have an affiliated disclosure message, which means that- the links that I suggested to you are affiliated which I will receive a little commission if you shop through it at no additional cost to you. Please, any issues between you and the merchant- I am no responsible for it, you may contact the merchant directly for that matter.

Thankful and grateful:

💕😊 I'm so grateful for having you here, hope you come back soon. For more updates that might be in my blog post. PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL.

P.S. English is not my first language and I apologize for my wrong grammar. One of the reasons why I am blogging so that I could think of something to write to sharpen my brain and add more vocabulary and idioms. Hope to see you as well on my social media accounts, you can see it on the right sidebar, and thanks for supporting me and my blog, if you wish to follow on this blog just click the "Follow" button also on the right sidebar. Bye-bye! 

Closure Quote:

No matter what situation or circumstance is trying to hold you back—in your health, work, finances, relationships, or any other area of life—you can rise above!- Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen