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Cherries, Apples, Figs, Vegetables and more plants

Cherries 🍒

Hey, there friends, how are you today? How was your day have been? Well, mine was not bad at all. Early this morning at 5:20, I went to my vegetable garden to pick some lettuce for my husband's sandwiches 🥪.
Harveting my lettuce in the garden
The weather was so warm and I heard the lovely birds singing and aahhh that feeling of getting out early in the morning, just so amazing. The breeze and the silence of the neighborhood were just amazing!!!
Anyway, and I saw all my vegetables are prospering, all are getting there.
Vegetables in the garden

Lettuce, tomatoes, hot pepper

And all of my tomatoes are getting tall and I finally did put the cage of each to support the vines, I have two of them.
Tomatoes in my garden

Sustainable garden

And so here are the rest of my vegetables in my small space garden. 
Green onions or we called it spring onions
Spring or green onions.

Mint purple
Purple Mints


Bagyo beans green beans
Green beans and the slug.

Cayenne pepper, siling labuyo
Cayenne Pepper ( growing two of them)

That thing is for peas to crawl for. Peas are just starting to sprouts.

I am an old-timer, I forgot what are these. 😅

More vegetables
It's more growing vegetables.

The vegetables in the garden

Red lettuce.

Green Lettuce
Green Lettuce.
Weeded my garden also today and after that, I walked around outside the house from the front yard to the back yard and back to the front, and here are some of our plants in the back yard and front.

Backyard Plants;

Purle and pretty flowers that smell so nice
This plant is blooming with beautiful flowers and the scents is soo good!!!

Blooming beautifully


So pretty flowers

Our fig tree is producing well this year. 
Fig fruits

Healthy fig tree


Fig fruits

Our bamboo at the other side of our house. ❗ 
Growing bamboo in your property near neighbors house

Healthy Living bamboo

Back to the front yard plants;

Looks like cherries but is not. I forgot what kind of fruit this is.
Front yard fruit plant

Sour fruit of
These fruits are sour.

And here's our cherry tree having some cherries 🍒. 😁
And here's our cherry tree


Loving this cherry tree

Can you grow cherry on your front yard? Yes, definitely!
And the apple tree having some apples too. 😁
Apple can grow in your front yard

Apple producing

And the rest of the flower plants in the front yard.
Flower in the pot

A lovely red rose flowers
My rose bush.
What you plant now, you will harvest it later.
Wish you all the best friends till then,

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