When fitness and exercise were a regular part of my life...

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I've missed being active. #fitness journey.

It's disheartening that I was extremely motivated and determined to reach my weight loss goal a few years ago. I created a detailed workout plan and scheduled regular exercise sessions. I followed my routine religiously and was proud of my progress.

Healthy drinks with chia seeds and spirulina
Drinking Chia Seeds with Spirulina powder. During my #fitnessjourney #weightloss

But then, as time passed by, I struggled to find time to prioritize my fitness routine amidst my busy schedule. Between work, family responsibilities, and other commitments, finding time for regular exercise became an enormous challenge.

Despite my best efforts, I began to feel disheartened and discouraged as I watched my fitness journey halt. I knew I needed to find a way to stay motivated and committed to my fitness goals, but with so many demands on my time and energy, it felt like an uphill battle. Consequently, my fitness level plateaued, and I felt stuck, unable to move forward.
daily walk routine
My daily walk-routine with my patner.

Although I made progress during my fitness program, starting with a weight of 140 lbs to 108 lbs, I needed to get closer to achieving my 100-weight goal. Then, I got caught in dire times, leading to my current weight of 132 pounds. 

Healthy foods
Was my everday meal during my fitness journey, after my fasting.

Healthy drinks
Was my drink before I started my intermittent fasting for 16/8 hours.

It is frustrating because I understand the importance of caring for my physical health, but I cannot find the time or energy to do so. I haven't had the opportunity to get back on my fitness journey yet, but I am figuring out ways to manage everything better and create a more balanced schedule that would allow me to resume it. 

I often wonder what could have been if I hadn't stopped and hadn't let my emotions take control. I was too close to achieving my goal! However, dwelling on the past will not change anything. Instead, I must focus on moving forward. 

Remember, every step counts, and it's never too late to start caring for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope it inspires you to prioritize your physical and mental well-being, even if it means minor changes to your daily routine. Remember, every step counts, and it's never too late to start caring for yourself. 

Take care, stay safe, and God bless! Peace be with you.

Appreciate every day;

Life & It's Journey

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