Cultus Lake Waterpark Fun day! #throwback

Hey y'all, how's everybody doing? Hope everyone's, doing fine, and thank you for visiting me here, love to hear from you as well! I am just going through all of our old memorable pictures from our first trip ever family fun day adventure way back in 2015 and 2016 at Cultus Lake Waterpark, I will be also posting our camped trip so stay tuned!😊

Our Review for Cultus Lake Waterpak in Chiliwalk, B.C.

highly recommended this water park to everyone. My family and I love this place
Cultus Lake Waterpark, B.C Canada.
Taken in the year 2015.
Highly recommended this waterpark to every family and to everyone! My family and I love this place, it has lots of fun things to do and a great place for the entire family. Sometimes in a year when my family and I are going for a weekend camping trip during the summer, this will be always on our bucket to-do list. This waterpark is crowded especially when it's season but if you go earlier in the day you'll get an easy spot and also easy to find a parking spot, the parking lot is limited if you come in the afternoon as it's busy. There is only one slide we never tried,
The Skinniest Slide In Cultus Lake Water Park.
The Skinniest Slide of all. Scary!
the highest and skinniest slide they have, (Picture above) besides that one thing, everything's good. You can bring your own foods or you can purchase from the grill's house restaurant in there, you can not bring any open drinks, loose cup, school water bottle, etc. It has to be unopened or otherwise, you won't be able to get in if you force to bring it, so just better to leave them behind.

Gallery: 2015 / 2016 Summer Fun Day at Cultus Lake Waterpark Fund Day! #throwback. 

Clutus Lake Waterpark / Pirates children play area
The Pirates play area for little one.
The great snake waterslide! 😱😱😱
This great snake waterslide!

Small waterslide for small children, accompanied by adults.
Small waterslide for small children, accompanied by adults.
Year from 2015 / 2016

'Cause, a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.- Jhon Mayer.

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