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To my two wonderful, amazing and loving sisters.

My dearest sisters, even though we are far from each other I can feel that both of you are next to me, sometimes it is inevitable to cry because I'm missing you. Now that we already have a family of our own, I however never thought that I would be living in a place that's far away from all of you. It's truly impossible to ride a bus and I'm already there. 🙁 I am saddened because, we are far from each other, far from being able to support one another in whatever trials come in our lives. I hope we can all endure the trials whatever that may be. I wish I have the ability that even if I am far away from you I can still support you but it is sad to think that even if I want to- I can't. I can do nothing but to give you this message, words of love given to you from the bottom of my heart. I know it won't help you with whatever the physical problems are but it will help you to realize that there's someone out there thinking and care for you. 

My Two Dearest Sisters

 (P.S I love all my siblings. This message of mine is only for my sisters. #girls #siblings Hehe)
Enjoy your day,❤️ Lea.

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